Crawler Hydraulic Pile Driver/Crawler Auger Piling Drill Rig

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Pile driving speed,the average 3 minutes can realize piling 6 meters deep,namely a hole 3 minutes to play.Oil province,is a common driver uses around half of a year can be a driver left money for you.Bit using manganese steel manufacturing,through processing,are suitable for all kinds of geological environment.
Crawler walking,high walking and climbing ability The frame can be moved back and forth,bit can be adjusted,high piling position accuracy.
Item Value Unit
Model number GDFDZ-2  
Diesel engine power 51 kw
Walking motor torque(max) 5700 Nm
Rotary motor max torque(rotary tool) 8000 Nm
Rotary motor Max torque(auger drill) 8000 Nm
Rail walking distance/Post length(max) 4000 mm
Drilling depth 3300 mm
Screwing depth 4000 mm
Drilling diameter(auger drill) 0-400 mm
Drilling angle(left/right) ±30 °
Drilling angle(forwards/backwards) ±30 °
Hydraulic system pressure 16 Mpa
Hydraulic system flow 80 l/min
Rotary motor flow 120 l/min
Travelling speed 1600 m/h
Chassis spec 2002*1800*300 mm
Track chassis height 500 mm
Track height above the ground 230 mm
Grade ability 30 °
Track turn rate 1:21.4  
Track working pressure difference 13 mpa
Dimension 3500*1800*6000(Working) mm
Dimension 5500*1800*3100(Folden) mm
Net weight 3600 kg

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