The BF300 series drilling machine is a lightweight drilling rig designed for the plain area. It is not suitable for hard rock drilling. It compares the sandstone, cobblestone, weathered stone and red brick as hard stone. ideal.
Drilling rigs are mainly used to develop groundwater resources, including domestic water, agricultural water and industrial water, as well as hydrogeological exploration, construction engineering, and bridge foundation drilling.
I. Application
BF300(HF80) portable water well driling rig mainly used for farm irrigation and water well drilling, drilling diameter is 70-300mm, and drilling depth is 60-80m.
II. Features and Advantages
1. Light weight. The main engine is only weighted 0.135tons.
2. Easy to operate. Needing little experience to operate.
3. Durable. The first generation of products used for 13 years, drilled more than 4000 water wells, nearly no repair record except the drilling bits.
4. Carbide tipped drill. Can drill through hard stratum, except for thick rock layer.
5. Reducing labor intensity. Equipped with lifting mechanism.
6. High efficiency. In plain area, the drilling speed could reach 20 meters depth per hour.
7. Economical. It can be called the most economical water well drilling machine.
Model BF300
Drilling depth 60-80
Drilling diameter 70-300mm
Drilling hole angle 90°
Drilling rog diameter 42-48
Vertical shaft speed 200
Weight 135
Size 1100*600*500mm

Equipment accessories:
1. Main drilling rods 2.5m/pc: 1pc
2. Drilling rods 2m/pc: 14pcs
3. Drilling rods 1m/pc: 1pc
4. If the open drilling diameter is less than 100mm, then we supply 2pcs drilling bits
5. Water pump
6. 15Hp diesel motor

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