1. Small footprint, light weight, dismantling after the length of not 2 meters, small tricycle installed, the maximum quality of 40 kg, a person moved to move.
2. Removable design, 50mm column steel frame support, more secure, more solid.
3. Drilling head parallel shaft reducer modeling structure design, low noise, no jump teeth, smooth and reliable operation, water supply activities leading precision machining. Centrifugal bearing design, lifting to withstand stronger, more scientific and safe.
4. To enhance the chassis using stamping molding, user-friendly design, more beautiful, can be assembled demolition, maintenance and replacement more convenient.
5. Water supply pipe connections are used live links, installation more convenient, if coupled with mud pump, playing 200 meters deep wells worry.
6. More humane electronic design, electric control box without any exposed thread. Easy disassembly, safe and practical. The operating lever adopts the gear lever design control, manipulates the machine more handy, adjustable speed control design, drill pipe speed can be adjusted, according to user needs, but also design remote operation.
7. Independent research and development of automatic unloading rod device, to solve the drillers for many years on the wellbore easy, difficult to unload the arrester technical problems
Model BF-200
Drive motor power(W ) 60v dc 2000W
Lifting motor power(W ) 60v dc 1100W
Lampstand size(cm ) length120*width90*height10
Lampstand height(M ) 3.5m(2m+1.5m)
Base cover opening method One foot automatically opens and closes
live axle diameter(mm) 50mm
Drilling rod diameter(mm) 50mm
Speed reducer gearbox model 55-240
Pump Voltage 220V,flow 12m3, water head 46m
Dc transformer 60V-80Adc,Charging transformer
Drill rod item wire connection replacement method Thread-welding
Random attachments (Note: attachments can be adjusted as needed with product updates) Two pipe wrenches, special wrench, oil seal, power distribution control box, supporting cable 20m, grip, wearing parts, 2 drill bits, two linked drill rods.

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